Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Advertising Agencies: What do they do?

There are several Advertising Agencies in the United States and beyond. Most of them are in large glass towers in larger cities and you rarely see the face of the person you're working with. How do you know what they're doing until you get a finished product? This is where you'll find out!

Advertising is about getting into the customer's head and digging deep into the client's brand to speak to those customers in a way that gets them to buy the product or service you're advertising. But advertising doesn't stop at the billboards. Advertising agencies do everything from POS signage, to magazine spreads to website banners and beyond.

A great advertising agency will have two things at their disposal: a great marketing expert, and an awesome graphic designer. Here, we have both, and it's no surprise that our last success was a billboard, airport TV ads, and several billboard ads in the Las Vegas Airport for the Gene Simmons speaking engagement for a client of ours.

It was an incredibly fun event to design for and the advertising came out spot on. Several great ideas were scrapped before we came to this end design. All in all it was a great event (and we here Gene loved it!)

Image source: Gene Simmons


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