Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oliver Appetizer: Graphic Design on your Dinner Table

Being graphic designers, we love being surrounded by innovative and artistic objects. Right from our homes to the workplace, we always keep the ambiance adorned with elements of graphic design. While surfing on the internet, we came across a humorous yet brilliant artwork that startled us. CB2 is a website that showcases modern and clever home designs for difference items like furniture, outdoor, accessories and dining.

In its dining section, there are lots of funny and inventive kitchen utensils featuring a Doodle Dude named ‘Oliver’. The dinner items like appetizer plates, martini glasses and coolers illustrate the famous ‘Oliver’ stickman figure in a variety of funny scenes. Not only are these really creative, they are also a cool way of brightening up your kitchenware and make utensils more appealing.

Following is a collection of 20 cool Oliver appetizer plates and martini glasses that you would love to have in your kitchenware set.