Monday, November 28, 2011

Awesome Gift Ideas for Graphic Designers

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After browsing the internet over the past few days for design related holiday gifts, we found some awesome design/ graphic design related objects that should be found in any designer's house. Take a look at let us know what you think! Would you give these design-y gifts to a graphic designer loved one?

Pantone Swatch Toothbrush
A Pantone Swatch toothbrush!? While it may seem odd to get a toothbrush for the holidays, this would make an awesome stocking stuffer for the designer in your life.

Gestalten's Type Navigator
Gestalten's Type Nagivator is a Graphic Designer's dream to have. The book itself goes through today's modern fonts and helps designers sort through the rapidly expanding online foundry of web and design fonts. The book also comes with 100 Fonts to sort through! A great gift for a Typography Nerd.

This USB Mug Warmer is probably a great gift for a Graphic Designer OR Web Designer since it plugs right into the side of a computer and can keep mugs (or Starbucks cups) of coffee warm in the comfort of an office (or couch). Plus it's under $10 so it's a great buy!

For the Christmas oriented Graphic Designer, a set of Ampersand Christmas ornaments is the perfect office buddy gift or stocking stuffer for the creative person in your life!

One of the best things you could ever get the graphic designer in your life is a gift certificate (real or simply a gift card with a note) to their favorite Typography Foundry. Every great designer is always looking to expand their font collection, and will most likely have a font they want to buy. Gift them the perfect reason with a gift certificate!

Have more great ideas? Leave them in the comments below!


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