Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What Type of Graphic Designer Do You Need?

Graphic designers do a ton of stuff. There is a whole buffet of duties and possibilities that a graphic designer in Chicago can do for a business. When it comes to finding a graphic designer for a business, it can be difficult to find the one you need if you are not familiar with the kinds of graphic designers out there.

So what kind of graphic designer do you need?

  • Package designer- a package designer designs and creates the packaging. 
  • Brand identity developer- This person will develop brand identities for a variety of organizations. 
  • Visual image developer- They create images and designs through 3D modeling techniques, photography, and and editing images. 
  • Visual journalist- They create info graphics that can be used for print and digital applications. 
  • Broadcast designer- They create visual designs and electronic media that is used on TV. 
  • Logo designer- They create the logos- these are the visual representation for a business. The logo is the key to a brand and their identity. 
  • Interface designer- They develop graphical user interfaces that coincide with work from a web developer. This is how a website functions and things interact. 
  • Illustrator- A person who is great with art and drawing but also has a design background. They create illustrations that stand for an idea, message, and perhaps 2D/3D images for stories. 
  • Web designer- The creator of graphics, layouts, and pages for websites, the front end of websites. 
  • Content developer- They create the written, graphical, sounds, videos, and other forms of media content. 
  • Multimedia- They create the graphics for sound and motion. 
What are the head positions with a graphic design firm
  1. Creative director- This person is in charge of a creative team that produces visuals for advertising, branding, etc. 
  2. Art director- This person manages and coordinates between production artists to create illustrations for projects. 
  3. Art production manager- This person manages the production such as efficiency and costs. 
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