Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New IHOP Logo for the Digital Age

IHOP has shown that it is always willing to greet the next challenge on the web. They are a 60 year old company that excels at social media marketing, blogs, and now emoticons. In fact, they even rebranded with a new logo design to keep up with the digital age.

Many logo design analysts have mentioned that the O and P of "IHOP" make a pair of eyes and nose. IHOP is now embracing that find that even added a red semi-circle to complete the face. This face Mimicks emojis found on the web.

Another great realization about this new logo is that it captures the spirit of IHOP and its customers; people go in hungry, eat delicious food, then leave happy. It's part of their tagline! Happy memories are shared by people at IHOPs and some are even created there.

Just because your business is old, or "established", doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't evolve. Businesses have to keep up with consumers or they will be left behind. If your business is in need of some updating, email or call Integraphix, a graphic design studio and creative marketing agency in Chicago.

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