Friday, February 18, 2011

10 Coolest Snowboard Graphic Designs

This past winter, snowboards became incredibly popular, especially for countries that were inundated with snow. Extreme sports lovers will always find ways to take advantage of the snowy seasons of course. With the designs below, they can find themselves taking flight in style! Like funky car designs, next to a great snowy trek, what could make an extreme snowboarder happier than having their own fantastically designed and personalized board?

Below you'll find colors and amazing patterns of some of the best and 'rad-est' snowboard graphic designs on the internet. Great Graphic Design can be found anywhere - Integraphix has designed its own share of strange things, but not yet a snowboard. It would be a great challenge though! Scroll down and inspire yourself to go beyond the flat piece of paper.

~ Integraphix, a Chicago Marketing Company and Chicago Graphic Design Company

Chicago Graphic Design Company

This is the Integraphix Staff personal favorite since it's different on either side. Great graphic design guys!

Thanks for looking at this great graphic design of snowboards. If they were in Chicago this past couple of weeks, they could've snowboarded around our streets!

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