Tuesday, February 22, 2011

11 Logo Mistakes You Need to Avoid!

Most designers design logos with intense concentration and put all their creativity into the final product. Sometimes the awful result of a logo design is that the results don't turn out to be amazing and cutting edge. The competition to be the best is tight and each logo design needs to be perfected due to the growing logo design awareness in the general public. There is no room for mistakes baby! Here at Integraphix, a Chicago Marketing Company, we're pretty sure almost every designer can relate to this situation. We'll be humble say 'Yes, it's happened to us." Now that we've learned from our mistakes being in the field of graphic design in Chicago, we are going to share with you. This list will most definitely help you come up with better results.

1. Do NOT adhere to logo design trends. Your designs should be able to stand the test of times.

2. Your logo design should be able to switch mediums - print, web, embroidery, etc. 

3. Avoid designing busy logos - remember: the most memorable logos are always the simplest.

4. Don't stick to design software right off the bat - sketch your ideas out first!

5. Take your time when making final touches, it will make all the difference.

6. Never make the mistake of designing a logo in Photoshop. Always use vector or you'll never be able to resize your logo.

7. Never use stock images in a logo design. It's ugly and noticable.

8. Only use readable fonts - don't overuse Helvetica anymore than it already has been though. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

9. Never think a super colorful logo is best. Sometimes it's just gaudy.

10. If your logo design fails in black and white - don't even bother adding color to it. Redesign.

11. Don't be a copy-cat. Be inspired by successful logo design, but never, ever copy.


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