Friday, March 4, 2011

Are business cards still necessary?

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In the era of BlackBerrys, instant contact lists, and online marketing techniques, the paper business card can be seen by a newer generation as little more than archaic. Are you hopelessly behind the times by carrying them around?

The answer is no. In a world where most communication between business and clients is electronic, the more personable business card is a tangible and powerful way to marketing yourself in person. The key to effectively using a business card is to have one that people remember. It should be informative but contain elements of your brand and sum it up at a glance.

Social Media gets most of the 'press hype' these days, but the real truth is that the vast majority of business interaction in the United States takes place face to face! Most (small) business owners still communicate with customers and partners personally at networking events, clubs or other social events.

In every circumstance, exchanging a business card remains a formal and primary way of interacting in a business setting. It also enabled the person you were speaking with to remember you, the name of your business, and can often seal the deal. How often have you been introduced to a prospective lead and forgot their name within minutes? It is important that have that connection in order to keep the contacts you get.

Getting to the fun part of this post: How do you make your business card memorable? Business cards are a tried-and-true method of marketing, but they've changed drastically since our mothers and fathers handed out their 2x3.5 black on white business card. There are infinite possibilities and stylishly creative examples of business cards (here are examples of amazing business cards) that you can choose from that would make your prospective client's eyes pop out of their head. In the end they'll probably choose you because of your business card.

In comparison to the edgy and 'pushing the envelope' type of business cards are the simple, two color business cards that say 'We are classic and professional'. Even so, the card should include modern methods of contacting you including email and website if applicable. A good Graphic Designer can integrate that information with your logo design and other details to make sure your card showcases to the best it can in such a small space.

It is incredibly cool to have a 3x3 square business card with die-cuts and shiny metallics, but please make sure your clients can fit them into their wallets or business card cases with ease or they may get lost or worse, thrown out. Also try to avoid glossy finishes as it is difficult to write notes on.

Lastly, don't horde your cards! Pass them out and get in the habit of handing them out liberally. They don't do you any good hiding in your desk drawer.

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