Saturday, March 12, 2011

Creative Workspaces and Inspiration to Create Your own!

One of the best things you can do to get your creative juices flowing is to surround yourself with things that make you feel creative! You are the master of your own environment. In order to inspire you in putting together a creative workspace that you will ENJOY entering, view the videos and images below of creative cubicles and workspaces form CNN's iReports, as well as workspaces from some of the most famous writers. Enjoy!

Creative Cubicles - CNN's iReports
This cubicle houses a huge gnome collection - over 700 of them. There's also a bouncy ball collection and a dice collection. 

Here’s someone who started out bringing in a few knick-knacks and ended up with this:
This person decorated their cubicle in response to a contest his company was holding for 'Best Decorated Cubicle'. He turned his workspace into a beautiful Seregeti inspired safari cubicle!
This is the 'Red Mahogany Luxury Cubicle'. It is paneled and floored with Dark Cherry floors and Mahogany walls.
The creator of this workspace calls it 'Lulu's Casita'.
This looks more to me like a creative practical joke than a real workspace. A co-worker was always blaming others for his mistakes and he became known as 'The Bus Driver' in the group, since he was got it...throwing others under the bus. His coworkers turned his cubicle into a bus complete with working a working door and flashing red lights.
Who wouldn't want to work here? It's like working on a beach! Literally.
This is my favorite since it's Star Wars related. This cubicle began with a model of the Millenium Falcon and grew from there. The owner decided to ad Darth Vader to the mix later on, and it built until the walls were draped with black fabric spray painted with glitter and the Imperial Fleet started to show up. Yikes!
This person is Christmas Happy! 
One for those Halloween lovers (like me).

Writer’s Workspaces

This is the room where the Bronte sisters used to write and discuss their work with each other. When the novelist, Elizabeth Gaskell, visited, she said this, "The room looked like the perfection of warmth, snugness, and comfort." A perfect place to get creative in (notice it's not cluttered up!).

Rudyard Kipling's Study
Andrew Motion's bare desk-top and an indian goodluck charm!

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