Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Logo Redesign for a Chicago Dentist Office

Right around the six year mark, a long time client of our Chicago graphic design firm, Rubino Dentistry, updated their logo. Along with updating and redesigning a logo, Rubino rebranded their Park Ridge dental office.

On the right, you will see their updated logo; this design features the green branding and color scheme of the office, and the tooth symbol that was part of their old logo (below). As part of their rebranding, we altered the name from "Ross E. Rubino, DDS PC & Associates" to "Rubino Dentistry" since the former (still the official name but not operating name) was quite a mouthful. Their new name is easier to use on all forms of marketing, including print such as business cards, stationary, flyers, etc. Also, it is easier to use for digital marketing, such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and more.

The new logo, in addition to many other print marketing pieces, such as letterhead and brochures, are able to give the company a look that is more modern yet elegant.

If you have not updated your logo or branding in the last 10 years, then it is time to update your logo. Don't want to update your logo but want to rebrand in other ways such as letterhead, slogan/taglines, color scheme, or some other way? Then contact Integraphix, a logo design agency in Chicago

We have designed logos for businesses in the following fields: medical, public relations/communications, marketing, landscape, legal, film, hospitality, financial, clothing, and interior design.

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