Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Need a Boost for Your Social Media? Use Images. Here's Why

Digital marketing, especially social media marketing, has done a lot of changing over the years. One of the changes that has come to be in the last few years is the image & video centric posts for brands; without images or videos, brands are seeing the success of posts fall flat. This is a great time to think about finding great images or even creating images. Whether you are a Chicago graphic designer or just a social media enthusiast, creating or finding images does not have to be difficult.

Why do we need images with social media posts? Simply put: people like visuals. According to several trend reports, 65-85 percent of Americans claim to be visual learners; even away from learning, people like to look at pictures, watch videos, see colors, etc. If you remember this with your social media campaigns, then you will see a greater level of engagement with your posts compared to your posts that do not have visuals.

People have limited attention spans and little time to read through a lot of text. A good image can break the reader's skimming of the text, which is what you want, nay, need to happen so your posts on social media get read (hopefully before anyone else's). It is not very appealing to see a whole block of text, either. To counter this and break through the noise, images and videos help wonderfully.

Images help drive your message home. Having a well-picked and placed image can take the understandability of your message even further than wording can. Images are especially helpful with "How To" posts since you can show how something works or should be done with an image better than you often can with text. For example, if you were explaining a hammer so someone, would it be easier to simply show an image of one or write a description of a hammer?

So where can you find or create images?

  • Ing Image-- subscribe to the site and download up to 50 free images a month, must purchase beyond that. 
  • Canva-- very user friendly with easy-to-use tools. It is free to use, unless you use a component that must be purchased for $1 each. 
  • Shutterstock-- must purchase images. 
  • iStock-- must purchase images. 
Does your business need great images for its social media, blogs, or website? Then email Integraphix and see how our Chicago graphic design agency can help you! 

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