Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Logo Design That Will Wow You

Our Chicago logo design agency loves when a logo design comes out absolutely perfect. That is exactly what happened when our Chicago graphic design  team created the logo for an actuarial firm called, October Three.

October Three's logo has been one of the more enigmatic logo designs that we have undertaken. The process for designing the logo and their branding started in a rather peculiar way because the client requested a logo that looked nothing like traditional logos of the industry.

You may be asking, "How'd an actuarial firm get the name 'October Three' to begin with?" It is from the date that the founder's non-compete clause ended from his previous firm.

The logo can be read in three separate ways with the enforcement of the 3: you see it in the O3 logo mark, in the "October Three" word mark, and in the 10-3 of the typography (see the 10-3 in "October"?)

The logo is modern and nothing like what you'd see with an actuarial firm, which is great to produce a fresh logo design.

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