Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is Hillary Clinton's Logo Really That Bad?

This is the new logo for Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential run. Right away, the logo design came under fire from critics about its lack of… everything.

Some people have compared her logo to a speed bump (if you flip the logo counter-clockwise 90 degrees). Some people have said the arrow makes it look like the "I'm with stupid" shirts. One of the more clever comparisons is that the logo looks like it should be on a 90s windbreaker or sailor shirt. One of the most common comments about the logo is just how much it reminds people of the FedEx logo (because of the arrow pointing right).

The graphic designers at our Chicago graphic design studio have some input.

 Every professional logo designer knows that a logo has to look good in every circumstance. One very common circumstance to consider is what the logo will look like in B&W. After all, not everything is printed in color.

This is what Hillary's new logo looks like in B&W. You can barely tell that there's an arrow in the logo. Without the arrow, the whole messaging behind the logo is lost.

It looks like an "H" with something being pushed out of it. The colors are too similar in value for being directly adjacent with no separation.

Another thing that is wrong with the logo is that the arrow makes the logo too heavy on the right side. The "H" looks like it will take a tumble to the right, as seen in the image.

The large arrow makes the logo feel unbalanced and too heavy. A good graphic design company will tell you that the best logos have balance.

So what do you think of Hillary's new logo? (No political bias, please). Do you think it is good or could it use some tweaking? Perhaps you can recommend your favorite political logo?

Let us know! Reply in the comments or email Integraphix with your thoughts about Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign logo. 

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