Tuesday, March 31, 2015

10 Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

It can be easy to make a mistake as a graphic designer, especially when you are not a very seasoned graphic designer. As a Chicago marketing company with a team of experienced graphic designers, our team put together a list of 10 common mistakes that are made by designers to help you grow as a designer with excellence!

  1. Having Multiple Typefaces. Never use more than three fonts per layout; in fact, our team doesn't advocate using more than one or two, just to be safe. If you use a logo in a layout, you can have continuity with the logo by using the typeface from the logo with other copy. 
  2. Abusing Emphasis. Use font tricks carefully to create emphasis, don't use too many or it can be counter-productive. 
  3. Double Spacing. If you have a habit of hitting the space bar twice after a period, you'd better nix that habit. It can be distracting and is often considered taboo by typesetters. 
  4. Using All Caps. Using all caps in a design can look amateurish and be distracting. 
  5. Underlining text. Underlining text is only okay when showing there is a link. Underlining text was originally created as a way to show there was special text when bolding wasn't around (with typewriters). 
  6.  Not Knowing where commas and periods go with quotes. The comma and the period will  always go inside the quotation marks when using a quote. Other punctuation marks, such as question marks and exclamation points, will go outside the quotation marks unless they are part of the quote.
  7. Not Knowing Dashes. There are three types of dashes. You can use the hyphen or minus sign, which is used for breaking apart words and to prevent weird spacing. There's the en dash ' ' ' which is called that because it is often wider than an "n" and should be used to replace "to", such as 9'12 p.m.. Finally, there's the em dash, which is the longer option of the dashes here and is used to split up sentences, much like a semicolon. 
  8. Ladders. These are multiple hyphenation that appear on consecutive lines. Do not put more than two consecutive hyphens or it will steal the spotlight in your copy. 
  9. Rivers. If you really want to justify your type, be on the look out for big spaces and gaps, which appear vertically in your type, these are called "rivers of white space". You generally see these in newspapers. 
  10. Special characters. We are talking about things like the copyright, registered trademark, ™, and ellipses. Use these when using a brand's name or something that has one of these connected with it (except for the ellipses). Use an ellipses when omitting part of a quote. 
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