Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do Images Matter with Digital Marketing?

Almost 85 percent of Americans describe themselves as visual learners. This is a significant amount of people who need visuals to truly understand a concept. As a Chicago graphic design agency with a social media marketing department, we realize the collaboration between graphic design and social media is more important than ever. Think about the social media posts (especially Facebook & Twitter) that grab your attention, they are likely ones that have images and possibly a link as well.

Images attract our eyes and thus, our attention. When you have a post on Facebook that has an image, it is 7x more likely to get shared compared to a post that is pure text. Twitter encourages people to post with an image or graphic as well, such as an infographic, if the time calls for it.

Psychological tests have confirmed that when we are shown an image and text, we spend most of our time looking at the image, which is wonderful news for a Chicago graphic design studio; however, that does not make the text useless, text with an image gets more looks than text with no image.

The incredible growth of visual-based social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat is a true testament to the power of visuals in social media. Know what's one of the most popular and impacting features of Facebook? The images option. This is why Facebook and Twitter have made such great efforts to encompass images (and video).

Images work. Images sell. They grab attentions, which are getting shorter and desire more appealing objects. Sometimes an image is able to have the call-to-action that words just can't convey. Images stick in our memories longer, this is why having a great logo design is so important, too. The visuals improve our muscle memory, aiding content associated with that image to be more memorable as well.

However, using or creating images for social media posts have to make sense and be appropriate for the platform it is posted on; a blog post about baseball and showing a photo about your dog will not work. Another thing to remember is that you need to have appropriately sized images that are also cropped and not distorted.

It is time to make your social media posts, blogs, and website design stand out and use great images. Email Integraphix - a Chicago graphic design agency - about your graphic design needs and tips about images.

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