Wednesday, March 4, 2015

5 Things Your Logo Needs to Be Successful

Before a business can even think about a business cards or finding an office to have office space, a business needs a logo design. The logo will compliment the business name, feature your business's color scheme, and have important design elements. It is the base upon building stationary, packaging, any advertising, or signage.

A logo needs to reflect the image that the company wants to convey. As our Chicago graphic design agency has stated before, your logo will be how people form an impression about your business before engaging with it directly and it will be how they remember your business.

The best logos in the world have these five design concepts in place. 

  1. They are simple. The best way to think about simplicity is how many components there are to the logo. Look at the logo for the Chicago Cubs or Apple. Apple's logo is a simple apple shape (with the bite out of it) and is shown in black or grayscale; the Cubs logo is a simple, red "C". The simplicity of these logos makes them easy to look at. The easier information is to process, the likelier we are to remember and like that information. 
  2. They are brand consistent. Your logo constantly speaks about your brand and vice versa. If there is a mismatch here, it will stand out. Your logo needs to fit with your company's overall message. Look back at the Apple logo, it speaks about the brand being innovative, futuristic, and sleek. All of these things are seen when you look at Apple's products and business operations. They pride themselves on making great tech that is easy to use, so their logo is easy to understand. Any great professional graphic designer will mention Apple's logo when they talk about brand consistent logos. 
  3. They are memorable. Remember when we said that people will remember your brand from your logo? Well, that is hard to do if your logo is far too complicated and/or makes no sense. Logotype or word mark, a stylized version of your company's name (think Coca-Cola) is much easier to remember than an abstract logo
  4. They are remarkable. This is your logo's ability to cut through the noise. This is more suitable for startups than established brands. 
  5. They are market tested. While our minds and our gut can produce some good logos, no good logo hits the market without being tested, first. Getting feedback about a logo is necessary and will help you find any possible flaws. The logos that we see and think, "Who approved that?" Chances are, those logos were not put through any market tests. If your business designs its logo on its own, then this is a very crucial step, even if you think you have a good eye for design and colors. No matter what, even if a logo is designed by a professional logo designer, it is still market tested. 
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