Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Will the Trend of Misspelled and "ly" Brand Names End? Probably Not.

Startup businesses have a lot of things on their "to-do" lists. They have to get their structures in order, their processes in place, and just about everything else is needed, too. Of course, they need great logo design and branding, which includes the challenge of creating a unique business name. Businesses have to create names that are both memorable and meaningful.

Regardless of an industry, businesses have the desire to come across as innovative, creative, and forward. This has launched the trend of creating business names that end in "ly" and "fy", such as Bitly and Spotify. Aside from that trend, companies are often omitting the vowels from their names; this allows companies to take average words and create a unique business name, such as Tumblr. This can also create a fun and unique logo design and other designs for their graphic design work.

There are over 100k domains registered every day. That is a lot and forces businesses to think outside of the box when it comes to a domain URL they can secure, which affects the business name. Could this by a reason for all the funky business names? Possibly. Look at the music sharing app, nwplying, which is "now playing" sans most vowels and spacing. The CEO wanted to describe the business's purpose in a simple form but "now playing" was too generic & would not make a unique name or hashtag; they removed the vowels and boom, done. Also, it was a shorter, very easily attainable URL to buy.

While the ease of securing a domain can impact a spelling of a business name, it also helps brands stand out in a business world where startups are common, especially when you look at the SXSW. It helps businesses sound edgy; consider the business name, "Unbxd". The founder of the business describes the name as a way to describe the business's mentality that it isn't confined by any boundaries; it describes the business's vision instead of just its product.

Of course, a unique, perhaps strange sounding name, can arise from what is meaningful to a business; the name is not always limited by available domains, a fun trend, or appearing edgy. Tech startup, Tiinkk, an iPhone app, created the name after the founder had a conversation with an Irish friend who said, "I tink you should call it…" and there you go!

Creating a business name can be difficult and creating a logo for it can be even harder. Does your business need assistance creating a name or logo? Then email Integraphix, a Chicago graphic design agency.

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