Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top 5 Advertising Myths

Advertising used to be for the giants of business and small business owners would shy away from using advertising for their businesses. There began to circulate some advertising myths that still hold strong today. These are those myths. As a marketing expert with an Advertising Agency, I feel I have a need to debunk some of these myths. The advertising agency I work for works for small to medium and even rather large businesses, and all of them have profited with our unique blend of advertising expertise.

Myth #1: Only Some Businesses Need Advertising
Wrong! Advertising works for every business as long as it's done right. In advertising's most basic form, it's a way to make someone take action and use your services or product. Isn't that something like handing someone a business card and saying, let's do business? You're advertising yourself! And it works. Don't get down in the dumps if your first hack at advertising fails - every company fails at some point! Look at Gap. Their rebranding tanked, yet their customer base stands strong.

Myth #2: You Only Need Advertising When Business is Slow
Wrong Again! Advertising is needed even when business is booming! In fact - that's the best time to advertise. Why would you want to advertise when you're desperate and nobody knows who you are? Let your advertising agency come up with some great advertising when your customer base is flying high!

Myth #3: Cheap Advertising is Just as Good as Expensive Advertising
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Have you ever seen the Eagle Man Commercials? You laugh at them right? That's cheap advertising. You like Apple's iPod commercials that are highly visual and usually have some famous musician's song playing in the background? That's an expensive ad, but do you know how much money it made them? The expense was worth it in the end.

Myth #4: Advertising is Expensive no Matter How You Look at It.
This depends on the advertising you're going after. Advertising could simply be an intelligently placed and designed ad in a newspaper. You don't have to get a billboard on I-88 if your business doesn't warrant the expense. And think of it this way - if you don't advertise yourself, the next best thing is going to take your customer base away from you. Talk to your advertising company and ask their opinion. You'll be surprised how affordable simply advertising bits can be.

 Myth #5: You'll Save Money by Not Advertising
True. But you won't make any money either. Depending on your sales cycles, cutting back on advertising now, could mean less sales in the future and that's no good at all. Reducing your advertising budget in the short-term often leads to long-term troubles, and after all - how do you expect your business to grow if you don't keep reminding your customers of your awesome products and services?

Now that I've convinced you that hiring an Advertising Agency is the best thing you could do for yourself, why don't you head over to my website and see what my company can do for you. If you're in need of a PR Firm - let us know! We've got great references.

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