Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Integraphix Case Study: Logo Design for Kids Have Hope

Integraphix's graphic design agency was asked to help perform a logo redesign and brand identity for a wonderful organization, Kids Have Hope.

This was a special project for our logo design team since Kids Have Hope is a 503c Organization in Chicagoland; they're mission is to educated children and adults about abuse prevention. The organization's original logo (see below), was getting too dated and did not provide the impact that logos from other Chicago non-profits did.

Integraphix graphic designers restored the original butterfly concept, which was expressed by the client  as something to keep, and implement it into the new design. It was desired to be kept because of its tie with the organization's purpose: children.

If you look closely at the new logo, you can see that our designers utilized the negative space in the wings of the butterfly; you can see the faces of two children, which ties into the meaning of the children and butterfly.

The colors of the logo were also changed from primary colors to cooler, more elegant colors that brought the organization into a more modern style.

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