Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Integraphix Case Study: Logo for Interior Design Firm

Number 4 Designs is an interior design firm that is located in northwestern Illinois. When they came to our Chicago graphic design agency, they needed a logo that was going to be a great representative of their industry and approach to design. 
The design firm uses the number "4" as a symbol for their business approach, which is to design with solidarity, calm, stability, and a "sense of home" in mind. The client wants their clients to get a sense of calm when they hire Number 4 Designs. The "4" is also inspired by the facts that there are 4 walls in a home, 4 seasons in a year, 4 elements, and four directions-- all of these things influence interior design with their colors and other characteristics. 

The client's concept influenced the logo design and the final logo was able to combine all of the previously mentioned concepts into one, simple logo and brand identity

The design firm also occasionally uses the number "4" solely on marketing materials to further the power of the number, even if it is not accompanied by the words, "number" and "designs". 

Does your business need a logo design and branding that give the business an impressive look and feel? Then contact Integraphix-- a Chicago graphic design company that is dedicated to making your business look its best! 


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